A Sleek and Efficient Design Defines the Ford Edge

Here at Maverick Ford, we know that the Ford Edge midsize SUV is very popular with car buyers today. Much of that popularity can be chalked up to the new design features of the Ford Edge, all of which were designed to improve aerodynamics and increase visual appeal.

The design of the Ford Edge is bold with aerodynamic improvements that include a sleeker roof. These design elements increase the power and performance of the SUV without sacrificing a modern look. All of the nice shapes and lines that the Ford Edge is known for are still there. Drivers will also appreciate the athletic style of the grille and wheels.

You can test drive a Ford Edge at our dealership in Gladwin, MI. Just give us a call or visit today. Our friendly sales associates can schedule that test drive and also answer any questions that you may have about the design of the new Ford Edge.

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