Visit Maverick Ford and Experience the Exhaust Performance on the Ford Mustang for Yourself

The Ford Mustang is a lot of fun to drive. There is just no other way to put it. The engineers have also made the exhaust sound and react in such a way that is reflective of its sheer power. This makes the Mustang one of the more popular performance cars on the road today.

Believing that the exhaust should sound like a harmonic melody, Ford had a team of audio engineers work on the Mustang. The result is nothing short of spectacular. As soon as the 310-horsepower engine starts up, the exhaust will let it be known that it is ready for action.

Understanding that everyone has different tastes, the Ford Mustang provides three different sound levels for the exhaust. These can easily be changed by a simple switch of a button inside the center console. That is something most cars today have never even thought of. Take it for a test drive when you visit Maverick Ford.

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