Welcome to Maverick Ford!

On August 29th, 2018, we took ownership of the Ford dealership in Gladwin and changed the name to Maverick Ford. It is a dream come true!

Why Maverick? Well, we love cars and the automobile business, but are not fans of how many car dealerships operate. We dislike like the way dealerships typically treat their employees, and don't like many of the processes that drive customers crazy. We want to make changes that will pull this business into the 21st century.

To accomplish this, we need to think differently. We need to act independently. We need to innovate in ways that provide superior service to our customers and provide a stable and fulfilling work environment for our employees. In order to move this business forward, we need to have a bit of a Maverick attitude!

We are just getting started! We are currently working hard to clean up the facility, implement new ideas and meet people in the community. We have lowered prices in our Parts and Service department, so that they are in line with the local market. Over the next few weeks, we will roll out new programs that will make it easier and more convenient to service your vehicle at Maverick Ford.

We are empowering our employees to make quick decisions that will result in higher satisfaction - for you and them. There's more to follow. Stay tuned!

Ford has a rich history of community involvement and taking care of its employees. It started with an unprecedented $5 per day wage for factory employees in the early 1900's and continues today with an almost $1 billion commitment to establish a mobility campus in Detroit's Corktown neighborhood.

Maverick Ford holds the same values, and we are committed to being actively involved in the Gladwin County community. We look forward to meeting you and serving your needs!


Robert Lesneski  and David Fitzpatrick